Stick War 2

If you are one of the people who enjoy playing Stickman Games and blasting the skinny enemies in pieces using various beastly weapons, then the Stick War 2 is for you. In the game you will find thousands of enemies that will be targeting your war machines and weapons while the wizards will be studying ancient tomes. The game requires you to destroy all your enemies before they can destroy your castle.

The game description

This game has similar features to those of the original Stick wars. Some years ago the original Stick Wars was the only castle defense game that you could play on your iOS device, but is based on Defend Your Castle which came later to the App store. The producer released the original Stick Wars in April 2009 and since then lots of things have changed in the App Store and therefore changes to the game were necessary. But how does this game compare against the competitors in the market?

When playing the game, you will use your finger as your main weapon to fling all your enemies into air. Moreover, you can easily add archers, wizards, repairmen and upgrade your castle walls in a similar way you would originally defend the castle flash game.

The game picks from where the original one left off and therefore provides you with a classic castle defense on your touch screen device. The game only requires you to flick your screen to eliminate all your enemies from the battlefield. As you become more experienced in playing this game, you will earn more money which will enable you to upgrade the castle with wizards, archers and repairmen. This way, you will easily handle the stronger and larger stick enemies’ waves.

Just like the original Stick Wars, this game is very challenging. To kill enemies, you will need to flick with more force. The upgrades are not that easy since earning money is one of the slowest processes regarding to how much each upgrade will cost you. The enemies will also destroy your castle faster and as a result you will have to prevent them from getting near as much as you can.

However, this game has some downsides. It is more like the original game, and this is one of the major problems concerning it. During the release of the first game, there were no other castle games and it competed well after Defend Your Castle released an iPhone Version of the game.

Furthermore, this game is simplistic and repetitive when compared with some other complex castle defense games. The game requires you to flick your enemies and the archers plus the wizards act on their own. Some newer games have huge weaponry arsenals and they do not require you to mindlessly flick the screen. The artwork of this game is also improved but around the stick figures edges it’s still tough. The game is also endless without any concrete objective and incentives to keep the player going. Since the release of the game, the producer has upgraded several aspects such as animations and enemies.

Stick War 2

Stick war 2 screens

The features of this game

• The game has many features similar to those of the original game and features an endless style
• Your finger is the main weapon and you will use it to fling your enemies
• The game allows you to add archers, wizards, repairmen and to upgrade your castle walls
• The game has a single player feature with advanced mode, classic mode, stick to law and path of ninja
• It feature a boosters mode and
• Two player fighting feature

The game specifications

• Size: 29.9 MB
• Version: 2.0
• Developer: Ops Battleforce
• Language: English

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The pros and cons

The pros and cons of this game


• The game has more upgraded features
• The game is challenging
• You will easily add wizard, repairmen, archers and also upgrade your castle walls
• The game has many similar features to those of the original game


• The flick controls aren’t smooth
• The game is expensive due to the related difficulty
• For the game to recognize your actions you will have to flick severally.

Stick War 2 Trailer

Who should play this game?

This is not a game made for children alone. It is suitable for anyone with an Ios device and who would like to experience the best visuals. The game has many important features that will challenge you. As a result you won’t spend your entire free time watching movies.

Why you should play the game

By playing the Stick War 2 game, you will realize many benefits. This game will help you deal with stress of any kind. If you got off work feeling miserable, taking some time to play this game will help. The game requires you to destroy your enemies before they destroy your castle. By pretending that you are attacking your stress triggers, you will feel relieved from your stress.

Moreover, to save your castle and arsenal, you will have to plan. With proper planning and patience you will be able to destroy all the enemies and enjoy your success. One great thing about the planning skills you develop with this game is that it will also benefit you in your daily life. Proper planning allows you to save your time and money which is a skill that most people lack. You will watch yourself succeeding in your life.

The game will teach you how to avoid showing mercy to your enemies. Every time you destroy an enemy you will feel satisfied and by applying this skill in your real life you will rise even higher. And if you want to develop your brain, this game involves strategies that will help you develop cognitive flexibility that is necessary in switching from one task to the other instantaneously without necessarily slowing down. The game requires you to defend, to attack and to plan for your next strategies at the same time. With this ability you will be able to multitask.

The bottom line

The game has some downsides but after trying it you will realize the fun in it. With this game you will be able to develop new skills and also relieve yourself from any stress. Most people have expressed their satisfaction in their reviews after playing this game and you may also express yours.