Stickman Dismount

Stickman Dismount

Stickman Dismount is an Android game which you can easily download from Google Play Store. The game requires you to make the stickman get injured in an accident. In the game you must make a scenario for the stickman accident, getting hurt and your points will increase.

The producer

ViperGames is the creator and the publisher of Stickman dismounting android game. They have included several other features in their version of the game which they launched on 2nd September 2015. To play this Stickman game you will need an android device of version 2.3 and above. The game requires you to perform astonishing stunts, to crash into walls, to destroy vehicles, to break bones and to enjoy all the related fun.


The product description

Stickman Dismounting is more unique from the other mainstream android games available in the online stores. ViperGames which designed this unique game on real time ragdoll physics released it in the year 2015. Even though the game has little graphics and also appears to be somehow boring, once you have engaged in it, you will continue playing it for a long time.

Just like the name suggests, Stickman Dismounting means throwing the ragdoll into various different positions, destroying vehicles and breaking bones. Compared with the many other android games available online, this game doesn’t have any complex controlling keys – it is kind of easier to grasp and also addictive to play. To dismount the stickman, you will need to perform several incredible stunts. Furthermore, when doing these stunts you will have to push down the stickman from stairs, crash into walls and break bones by simply crashing into cars.

Your score and the coins you get will highly depend on the number of stunts you perform. To counterbalance the lack of colors and minimal graphics the producer included a crunchy bone breaking sound effect which matches perfectly with this game. Moreover, the game has many difficulty levels which involve dismounting the ragdoll in the needed poses to get the coins and to unlock the maps and the vehicles.

The level select tool allows you to select the various levels which include simple stairs, slide down, and straight line with stairs, fun fans, big slide down and rabbit hole. How the stuntman falls and even crashes is quite funny and the sound itself can make you laugh. The producer included a unique replay system design which allows you to view the dismount position severally. One thing that you should note about this game is that it distinctly discourages the performance of the same stunt throughout.

With the unique replay, you will be able to view the dismount position several times. You can also customize all levels by simply placing different props and objects that will make playing the simulation game more fun. The score spread sheet is also more elaborate and points out the weaknesses to give you a better time when playing the game.

You can download Stickman Dismounting for android on play store free of cost. And contrary to what you may be thinking, this game is not only available for the android users. It is also available for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10. You can download the Stickman Dismounting for PC and play it on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10and Macintosh Computer’s Mac OS X. What you need to play it on your PC is an Android emulator. You only need to download the emulator from the play store or even download the APK necessary in running the Stickman Dismounting on PC.

screen 2

Installing Stickman Dismounting for PC

To install the Stickman dismount for PC you will have to download and install Andyroid or Bluestacks. After the installation, you should locate it on your PC dashboard or desktop and open it. Locate the search bar on the Andyroid or Bluestacks window. On the search bar type “Stickman Dismount” and then press enter. After this, you will find yourself on the Google Play Store where you should click the application and install it. After downloading and installing this app, you should locate it on the All Apps section and click the app to open it. To run and use the application, you should follow all the instructions.

Within one year, the game reached over 100,000 downloads and its popularity is always growing day after day especially due to its dizzying stunts. The producer also upgraded this game and included other features such as TNT, scooter, and props. The producer opted to include dance levels due to its higher demand. Moreover, the producer removed the bugs and glitches from the older version to give you a better experience. The game is fun packed and a safer way to enable your kids try different stunts online without putting others in dangerous situations or even hurting themselves. Possibly, with this game your kids will also get a good idea about their body on real life situations.

The primary feature of this game;

• Unique dynamic ragdoll physics system
• Crunchy sound effects
• Multiple levels
• Multiple vehicles
• Multiple props for customization of various levels
• Replay system with sharing and saving abilities.
• The game requires you to throw the stickman from the buildings, from planes and into cars
• You will also make him fall in grinders, machines, trash compactors and in to trains

screen 3

The updates

• Bug fixes
• Updated size
• The current version: 1.2.1
• Required version: 2.3 and up
• Content rating: rated for 12 and up
• Moderate violence

The pros and cons


• The physics of this game are fun and the game is more engaging
• Its numerous graphics provides you with a unique and bloody great time when playing
• Load up times are quick and the game performs well
• The game has responsive controls and good sound effects which will influence you to spend most of your time flopping around with the stickman.

The cons

• The replay system recording is not the best
• The producer should enhance the game with more accessories and props
• The timer isn’t the best


Stickman Dismounting will put you in a wild world of floppy stickman. The game features many stunts and vehicles which you can play with while crashing around your android device’s screen. Even though the game has some cons, overall it is an amazing game for anyone. You can also play the game on your desktop or laptop.