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Stickman Warriors is 2013 gameupdated in December 14, 2015 offered and developed by ViperGames.It’s an emotional dynamic game abundant with explicit actions and blood. However, you can turn the particles (where the blood option is) off. It’s simple to play and gives you stimulus to defeat opponents. After beginning playing, it’s hard to put it off, so it’s too addictive and a good way to kill time for android users especially. The game is full of amazing stunts and it has an exclusive soundtrack.Stickman Warriors is a game having very positive reviews by experienced or inexperienced gamers. It is reviewed as one of the best phone games ever. The number of killed opponents as well as the length of each level is counted.The more the level is, the more the challenges, the number of enemies and the weapons. The game can be played by two fighting against each other. The size is 37MB and current version 1.4.1. As for installs, 10,000,000-50,000,000 are estimated.The Content is rated for 7+ or mild violence.

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Stickman Warriors has a clicking system for PC to control the stickman moves. It also can be played on mobile devices. Users cannot control the speed at which the stickman is moving. The goal of the game is to complete each level by reaching the end of it. It has only one control: moving the stickman’s head.That’s why, it’s easy to play and kill time. The control is so easy that a gamer does not need to get used to playing it. Having kicked the enemy, it slows down and can be seen what a gamer has done to the enemy. The body parts separately cannot be controlled, just the whole body with the stunts.The replays cannot be saved and the color of the character cannot be changed.



Stickman Warriors features 7 official levels. All of them have realistic laws.It has a dual mode, with two different variations, the normal and the 2-player mode. Each level has rewards when competing.The game has several campaigns to select: Path of Ninja, Stick of law, Advanced, Classic, Alive or dead. Classic one has seven levels. When you kill your opponents all of them (increasing proportionally as the level rises), you go to the next level. In case of If you Lose game, you start from the beginning. In some campaigns, the levels need to be unblocked by winning the games. In some cases the instructions, recommendations or commitments are given.


Stickman Warriors is a fairly new game and its popularity among android users is increasing. The installation numbers also emphasize that fact.The sudden rise implies the increase of quality and the game points such as stickman variety, its color, gun choices, level difficulty, control improvements or diversity.

screen 3Stickman Warriors was an inspiration for the game creators to make lots of different games about stickman in diverse fields, ranging from sport to adventure or fight.


Vipergames – A company found in 2013 and focused on developing and marketing games for multiple profiles and focused on iOS and Android. The company is increasing and developing quicker and quicker with loads of new various games for different segments.

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Stickman and gun– It is a gun shooting game, killing monsters with various guns. Zombies, Evils wizards and giant worms must be killed before the attack a stickman. The only way out for survival is a headshot, powerful guns and special skills.

Angry Stickman–The character (Stickman) lives happily with his family at the countryside. The evil gangsters (Stickmen too) try to find him to get revenge against him for everything he has done to them.Finding all the members of his family besides him, they kill them all.Returning home, the main stickman realizes that his family has been killed and he also starts to revenge.

Anger of Stick 2–The game is about a hero stickman which fights against unknown enemies emerging in the city. The stickman fights with various weapons, helicopters and robots which destroy all enemies.

Stick Squad –It’s a stickman shooting game with different missions connected to sniping. The game has an appealing storyline. After finishing the missions, you are rewarded, with cash money (game money), which can be used in the gun shop in the game.

The list goes on… Stickman sport games can also be found for mobile devices android/ios.

Stickman Downhill –The game is about a stickman biking across downhill in the beautiful surroundings. You have variety of choices of bikes, including suspension bikes, retro bikes or electro bikes. The locations of biking also vary ranging from forest to the peak of the mountains. The most stunning aspect of the game is the opportunity to compete with your friends at special ranked tracks.