Then Stickman Warriors is the perfect game for you. And for the race freaks, the stickman shooting runner will keep you hooked while offering lots of fun and excitement. The game allows you to participate in epic flights with the great old stickman which you can easily find in many projects for the Android devices. With this game you will feel yourself more like a sinister puppeteer, giving the unhappy puppets a very hard time or even treating a spectacular slow motion. Today, it is a bit hard for the mobile game developers to surprise gamers with other masterpieces mainly because it will require lots of effort, to make engines and the other aspects involved.

Stickman Warriors

However, producers found a better way of doing it. They combined very funny men, good animations, dynamic battles and excellent physics to receive a truly explosive mix. Stickman Warriors game has seven full chapters/parts and each of them offers several different levels. At the beginning, the hero should go through some training, where he will teach kill movements and beats and the basics of fighting. Then you will proceed to freewheeling and then gradually increase the complexity. The game has many interesting fights from its middle in the ninja style and fights featuring a whole crowd of opponents.

The developers of this game decided to reduce their expenses on the game visualization but worked to come up with great movements. Every stroke has its unique animations and if the section of enemies is red, you will be lucky to make a critical hit. With several such tricks, you will easily pass the level. The game is easier to control and it is also easy to play. You will require some time to adapt to this game but after several rounds you will fly around the squared ring with convenient virtual stick.

  • Stickman Warriors

Game Screens

The game description

The Stickman Warriors is a fun and addictive beat them up game that features realistic physics in addition to hardcore game play. The game has simple controls and therefore you will perform amazing blows and stunts to defeat all your opponents. Moreover, this game has an exclusive soundtrack. Generally, this game is suitable for the mature gamers. geometry dash 2.0

The game features

• Amazing stuns
• Realistic ragdoll physics
• Several campaigns
• Exclusive soundtrack
• Hardcore game play for the mature gamers


• Price: free download
• Requires: Android 2.3 and above
• File name: Stickman Warriors apk
• Update September 10th 2015
• Category: casual

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The new features in the Stickman Warriors

After the update in 10th September 2015, the game now features:
• An added replay system
• Added capability of unlocking campaigns by coins
• Added new field types
• An added capability of selecting the arena type in the versus mode
• Added cooperative campaigns some bug fixes
• Reduce ads

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The pros and cons


• Dynamic
• High quality animation
• Great physics
• Easier control

  • Stickman Warriors Screens



• Monotonous game play

Why you should start playing this game

• You will realize the importance of teamwork

Nobody lives alone and at the very least Stickman Warriors game teaches you this. This means that you will have to master the art of teamwork to play the game and reap the benefits in it. Generally, the game will also teach you newer skills.

• It is great for stress relief

Have you ever get off work feeling miserable. There are times when everything seems to be working against you. A quick example: Bill from the marketing department asked to work for additional hours without any reason or Andy from the accounting department screwed up and you had to repeat the work for a second time. After such situations, playing Stickman Warriors game which requires you to command warriors and also make them do unusual stunts will be a welcome relief from the stress. And especially if you pretend that you were attacking Bill or Andy.

• You will learn the importance of planning

One thing that the warrior game will teach you is discipline since you won’t just charge headlong into the battles if you desire to win the game. Your victory should start on the preparation part. With good planning and patience, you will eventually rise up to power and then end at the top of the heap. One great thing about this is that it will also work great in the real life. With proper planning you will be able to save your time and to save lots of money. After this, possibly, you will build a new house, save up and start a great business or watch yourself growing in your career.

• With the Color Switch you will learn how to show no mercy

You will feel great and satisfied after defeating all your enemies in the game. By applying this skill in the real life you will succeed even more.

• The game is suitable for your brain

The most recent studies has show that warrior games that involve strategies promote more cognitive flexibility – the ability of man to switch from one task to the other instantaneously without having to slow down. The game will make you better in multitasking because you will have to attack, to defend, to plan all at the same time. Happy Wheels 3

Who should play this game?

This game is suitable for any person willing to play warrior games. The game has an amazing soundtrack, realistic ragdoll physics, an exclusive soundtrack and several campaigns. Furthermore, after the update of this game in the year 2015, the producer improved the game by including a replay system and by adding capability to unlock campaigns with coins. The producer also included new field types, added the capability of selecting the arena type in the reverse mode and added cooperative campaigns. The producer also fixed some bugs and reduced ads.

Stick War 2

The bottom line

Most reviewers have expressed their satisfaction after using this game. Most of them like its many features such as fake blood and the stun features. Therefore if you are looking for a warrior game that is ideal for you and your friends, this should be your first choice. You will be able to pass your time while still relieving yourself from stress and also enhance your personal growth. You will not pay any coin since this game is free to download and you won’t pay any monthly or annual charges.

Stickman Dismount

Stickman Dismount is more unique from the other mainstream android games available in the online stores. ViperGames which designed this unique game on real time ragdoll physics released it in the year 2015. Even though the game has little graphics and also appears to be somehow boring, once you have engaged in it, you will continue playing it for a long time.

Stickman Dismount